Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Disclaimer...

Because blogs are an insufficient medium for serious writing, please don't get on to me about grammar and spelling in your comments. Take this as a preemptive admission of 3rd grade grammatical work. In making a larger point I often forget about things like commas, I use ellipses when I don't know what punctuation to use, and my spelling died when I took phonics for 5 years in New Orleans with the Lutherans. Phonics gave me a love for words and no clue how to correctly spell them.

So, I has a grammar. It's just not that good of one. If bad grammar bugs you, this blog will probably not be your cup of tea. If bad grammar and poor spelling don't bug you, you'll probably enjoy this some times.


New Sermon Series

My new sermon series is called "Family Life". It will go for the month of May and culminate on June 5 when we celebrate Pentecost a week early and welcome new members, baptize some babies, and welcome our confirmation class into the church as members.

The series was pitched on Easter Sunday as a foot in the door with some of our C&E (Christmas and Easter) crowd. The idea is to do a short thematic series that will touch on issues affecting everyone. The Family Life series will cover relationships (May 1), marriage (May 8), divorce (Mothers Day May 15- I know, downer.), sexuality (May 22), and parenting (May 29). We are encouraging folks to invite friends who are not plugged into church to come and hear what the Bible says about these socially and culturally relevant topics.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Blog

A new blog in anticipation of a new season of life and ministry.

Rule 1. Keep it true (because the soul needs it)
Rule 2. Keep it clever (because bacon tastes good)
Rule 3. Keep it up (because that would be a first)